About me:

A very nice portrait of Azovae ^-^

My name is Eva Gabund. I am a +18 years old artist, amateur web developer and amateur programmer from Brazil.
I made this website to replace my carrd- while my carrd certainly looks prettier than this website will ever be, i must confess i had more fun figuring out how to make the CSS, JS and HTML work properly than scrolling my finger through bars to set paddings.

The little blue thing on the side is my mascot, Azovae. She's a blue demon... I really like the color blue so i made her blue ^0^ !

I don't have much to write about me here so I'll just add some random trivia...


Trivia time!

  • I use the software Ibis Paint X to draw.
  • I draw on my phone with my finger- i do have a really simple and cheap stylus to use, but sometimes i'm too lazy v:
  • Any pixel art assets you see here were done with either Aseprite or Dotpict.
  • I coded this entire website on mobile using a app called TrebEdit. Very good app, 10/10 i do recommend.
  • Yes i do have a notebook. I use it to study. I just don't feel like using it to code sometimes.
  • My favorite color is blue!
  • I really like chocolate.
  • I have the cutest doggy in the world, and his name is Billy Joe.

And that's it! If you wanna chat, see more content of mine or get to know me better feel free to check my links below :^) !

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