Welcome to my website!


Welcome to the Nexus!
This is a place i made to express myself a bit more freely, and it's also a place where i can exercise all of my creativity.
Feel free to explore the website. This website will always be a work in progress- 'cause art is never 100% done-, and therefore i will be almost always adding new content.

The landing page of the website is the index. Not much to be seen there, but if you want to go back to it just click on the website logo.
The archive is where you will find the changelogs and where you'll be able to search my posts by tag.
At the about section you can discover a bit more about who i am and find some of my social media.
At the shrines section you will find some webpages i made that are dedicated to things that i like. There will always be new webpages.
And lastly, you can find some projects i've made at the projects section and you can see my portfolio at the portfolio section.

I know the site is a bit messy and confusing and there's probably a few unecessary features but well... At least it was made with a lot of love (and coding) :^D .

Have fun :^) !


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Jul 16, 2023

A few days ago... I went to the beach.


1.7 - 2023/03/12


  • Modified the CSS a bit. Now the site is (technically) fully optimized for mobile.



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