The tags are displayed above.

Click on one of them to see the posts that have the selected tag...

... Or type the name of the tag and press the search button.

Please note the search is case-sensitive. Write the names of the tags only with lowercase letters. Make sure there are no spaces after the typed tag.

You can only search one tag at a time.

It's all very primitive and i know it, but i thought a search system could be fun to implement.

IMPORTANT: since 26/09/2022 the search system only serves to find the tags in the list, and the search button won't take you to a page with search results anymore.
Why, you may ask. That's because the command i was using to take the user to a new page, which is doesn't really works in most of the browsers anymore. Since it was a useless function, i decided to remove it. If you click the tags on the list they'll still take you to a page displaying all the posts with the selected tag, but the search button is now just a nice looking prop in the page.